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Housed in a 19th century ex Bakery near the historic town of Dursley, a town steeped in engineering history, the home of Pederson bicycles, Lister Diesel engines and Mawdsley's power, Dave Jones has been associated with the kitcar industry for 35 years, building and restoring kitcars. Over the last 15 years he has developed a number of exciting and successful bodykits for the Toyotoa MR2.
The GTA, GTB, and GTE models shown on this website are only available directly from Dave Jones. All are easy build body kits designed to fit the Toyota mr2 mk2 from 1990 to 2000 without any major structural or mechanical changes. Fully  comprehensive kits give you everything you need, and represent  very good value. 








The process for building these kits

Body panels from the mr2 are unbolted (bonnet, wings, bumpers etc) and the new fibreglass bodykit is bonded and bolted onto the chassis and bodywork of the mr2. When complete, the whole car will need wrapping or painting, and re-assembly can commence.  

 All the cars seen here have been built by Dave Jones, showing the high standard that can be provided when a turnkey build option is chosen. The customers gallery shows cars in various stages of build being self built by customers

 Give Dave a call to find out more and talk through your exact needs.