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Dave Jones has been associated with the kitcar industry for 30 years and has developed a number of exciting and successful bodykits in the last 10 years.
The GTA and GTB models only available directly from Dave Jones. Both easy build body kits are designed to fit the Toyota mr2 mk2 from 1990 to 1999 without any major structural or mechanical changes. Fully  comprehensive kits give you everything you need, and represent  very good value.




























Comprehensive GTA kit - £2950 Included in the kit are 11 piece gel coat fibreglass panel set. Door handle mechanisms, steel for frameworks, Headlight shells, Headlights, headlight lenses, rear lights, side repeaters, mirror glass, Door mirror shells, Fixing kit (bonding agents, nuts & bolts, self tapping screws) and of course the all important build manual.



GTA rear window - £75

GTA engine cover - £200

GTA t-bar roof panel - £120

GTA and GTB H-gate kit - £140

Steering wheel - £40

GTA Custom stainless Quad exit exhaust - £600 - to be mated to your flexi pipe. Single exit - £250

Coilover suspension if required - £750 (lowering springs can be used)

Wheels from £500

Tyres from £300

Hub extensions from £375


With good quality donors readily available from £500 you could complete a good specification car for less than £6000 depending on specifications and wrap/paint costs. The kit has been designed to be easy to build around a structurally complete mr2, requiring no IVA testing. The best donor is any mk2 mr2 hardtop or t-bar in the best condition you can afford. UK cars and imports can be used and the turbo version gives you up to 245bhp as standard, with cheap tuning opportunities to achieve up to 295bhp. When finished, the car is registered as an mr2 or can be changed to reflect the new body style, taxed as an mr2, but insured as a kitcar. Contact Footman James insurance for a specialist quote.


How to build the GTA for less than £6000

By building this car yourself and being selective on the donor car, parts and finishes, you can build a car similar to the one seen above in white and black for under £6000. This car has been wrapped in vinyl with a material cost of only £225. Paint would obviously be more expensive, but if you can do it yourself or know someone who can then the materials will not cost you much more. Another option is to have the car Plasti dipped.

Here is a suggested customer budget. It does not include every option available and some of the aftermarket parts fitted to our demonstrator, but does give an indication of the overall cost.

 Donor car £750

Comprehensive GTA kit £2950

Rear window £75

Wheels £475

Tyres - £200 (used rears, new fronts)

Lowering springs £150

Wrap, plastidip or paint materials £300 Hub extensions £375

Exhaust - £250

Misc and consumables £200

MOT £50

Tax £160

Less parts sold from the donor -£150

Total £5785





 T-bar roof panel - £120 Retains the t-bar structure underneath but disguises it.

Engine and boot cover (Fibreglass panel in white gelcoat) - £200

H-Gate gear change kit - £140 uses exchange gear lever



The kit 




GTB kit - £2300  Included in the kit are Fourteen piece gel coat fibreglass panel set.  Door mirrors. Alloy sill bracket fixing kit. Fixing kit (bonding agents, nuts & bolts, self tapping screws). Black fibreglass sheet for wheel arches, front valance and rear engine cover. Build manual - 21 pages with colour photos, Concealed door handle kit. Headlamp extension kit.  Bonnet extension. Engine cover frame and gas ram mounting plates.


GTB kit with lights and front grille - £2950


The process


Body panels from the mr2 are unbolted (bonnet, wings, bumpers etc) and the new fibreglass bodykit is bonded and bolted onto the chassis and bodywork of the mr2. When complete, the whole car will need wrapping or painting, and re-assembly can commence.  



 All the cars seen here have been built by Dave Jones, showing the high standard that can be provided when a turnkey build option is chosen.

Unfortunately, due to other project work, turnkey builds are not being taken on at the moment. Advise can be given though on how to go about having one built.

 Give Dave a call to find out more and talk through your exact needs.