This new kit brings a fresh retro feel to the bodykit market. An exciting and stunning looking car that brings back memories of an era when all out raw excitement warmed the blood of any true petrol head.

The kit has been developed for ease of build and realistic on the road project cost. Again built around the reliable MR2 donor, there is no major mechanical work that you have with a traditional kit car, making this an ideal first time build with only basic DIY skills needed to finish the car to a high standard. The donor car retains all its main mechanical, electrical and drive train components, hence the builder retains all the benefits of driving a reliable production car.

The kit provides the builder with everything they need to mount the kit onto the car. It comes complete with – 33 piece high quality GRP panels, tinted rear quarter windows. mirror lenses, all bonding agents, nuts & bolts, bonnet and engine cover mounting frames, mounting structures and brackets, hinges, door handles and mechanisms, door trims, window trims, and the all important build manual. This kit is now available at £6950.